A Dictionary of Colour: A Lexicon of the Language of Colour

الغلاف الأمامي
Thorogood, 2004 - 520 من الصفحات
This dictionary is the first of its kind: a treasury of color words and phrases, a comprehensive resource for exploring every aspect of color and it many applications across the disciplines and through the ages.Words are drawn from many different worlds including art, artists, craft and design, painting, printing and sculpture, the decorative arts, gems, fashion, textiles, cosmetics, physics, maths, astronomy, chemistry, dyes, colorants, paints, biology, geography, geology, minerals, history, art history, social history, religion, philosophy, heraldry, mythology and symbolism, languarge, linguistrics, grammar, slang, literature [inc. the Bible and Shakespeare], music, theatre, photography, television and film, psychology and human behavior, education, politics, commerce, economics, finance, law, travel, war, vision and color-blindness, medicine, drugs and color therapy, food and drink, color theory and many others.Who should buy this book?Writers, journalists, copywriters, graphic, textile and fashion designers, artists and illustrators, art students, art critics, decorators, architects, set designers, colorists and dye-makers, color scientists, product designers, product originators and marketers, manufacturers of paints and wall-papers, language enthusiasts, word-lovers and dictionary collectors, general libraries and academic libraries relating to the above disciplines.

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Colour phrases
The colours in alphabetical order
The colours in colour order
Adjectives of Colour
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حول المؤلف (2004)

Ian Paterson is a successful commercial lawyer and author. He has pursued a lifelong interest in dictionaries and color in its various work forms and applications.

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