New Slavery: A Reference Handbook

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ABC-CLIO, 2004 - 273 من الصفحات

A shocking account of how slavery continues to afflict millions around the world today--from children in the carpet trade in Asia, to immigrants forced into prostitution in Europe, to domestic workers in the United States and other Western countries.

New Slavery: A Reference Handbook is as scholarly as it is shocking--a gripping account of modern slavery, from Pakistan to Paris, Nepal to New York. From bonded laborers in India and prostitutes in Thailand to illegal domestic workers in Kuwait, Tokyo, and London, this book surveys the grim and violent world of contemporary forced labor, human trafficking, and slavery.

More commonly associated with the horrors of 19th-century cotton plantations or Nazi concentration camps, slave labor remains alive and well. Despite antislavery laws in almost every country, slavery today is booming-- fueled by poverty, war, organized crime, and globalization. This book is both a serious study and an essential guide for policy makers, human rights lawyers, labor activists, and all those concerned with the ongoing fight against this timeless evil.

  • Firsthand accounts from freed slaves and antislavery activists, with extracts from key UN documents on slavery
  • Chronology covering slavery from the dawn of civilization to the modern era, focusing especially on slavery over the last 50 years


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A Reference Handbook 1 Background and History
A Reference Handbook 2 Problems Controversies and Solutions
A Reference Handbook 3 Slavery in America
A Reference Handbook 4 Chronology
A Reference Handbook 5 Biographical Sketches
A Reference Handbook 6 Facts Data Evidence and Testimony about Contemporary Slavery
A Reference Handbook 7 Directory of Organizations Associations and Agencies
A Reference Handbook 8 Selected Print and Nonprint Resources
A Reference Handbook Glossary
A Reference Handbook Index
A Reference Handbook About the Author
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Kevin Bales, Ph.D., is president of Free the Slaves, the American sister-organization of Anti-Slavery International, and professor of sociology at University of Surrey Roehampton, London, England.

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