Translation, Power, Subversion

الغلاف الأمامي
Román Alvarez Rodríguez, Román Álvarez, M. Carmen Africa Vidal
Multilingual Matters, 1996 - 157 من الصفحات
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During the latter half of this century, particular attention has been paid to translating. The progress and change of perspective in this field of knowledge have been spectacular, moving from a scientific and prescriptive vision of translation to a descriptive one, which, in turn, has given way to the interaction between translation and culture. The starting point of this book is the idea that language is not neutral and that, insofar as language is the translator's tool, the act of translating is not neutral either. Translation shapes the way in which a given society receives a work, an author, a literature, or a culture; therefore it is necessary to locate the subversive aspects of translations in the larger framework of social interaction. Translating can never be neutral, as it is charged with ideology and 'games of power'. The most attractive feature of this anthology is that in the essays we can see how norms vary from one culture to another, how a 'strong' society may wish to alter those of a 'weaker' one through translation, or how the canon can be modified. Translation as a political or manipulative action will be much less dangerous if we are aware of its consequences. This book will help us to reflect on this problem.

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Roman Alvarez teaches at the University of Salamanca, and is Director of the British Council Office in Salamanca. He has published books and essays on diverse aspects of English literature, and co-edits the journal Anglo-American Studies. His latest publications include an anthology on Postmodernism and a collection of essays on comparative (British-Spanish) cultural studies. M. Carmen-Africa Vidal teaches at the University of Salamanca. She has written a book on translation studies and others on critical theory. She has also translated several books and numerous articles from English into Spanish.

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